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Talk to us before you buy, discuss your needs and we’ll look after you, that’s why we've been around for 37 years, and why our customers trust us to deliver.

Humble Beginnings

In April 1986 Collins Tools begins. Kev & Maria Collins commenced business under the Collins family home at Camp Hill, their total stock holding consisted of 2 welding machines on loan from a Sydney Importer. Around Stocktake time now we sometimes wish we still only had 2 machines to count!


Growth Spurt

Having outgrown the family home in Camp Hill – Collins Tools (& the Collins Family) relocated to Carina where we traded the business out of our shed (it was a big one!) in the backyard. A move that earnt Kev the title of “The Backyarder” from our opposition – obviously we’d become more than just a blip on their radar!


Then there were 2

In November 1988 we hired our 1st Employee, Mr Les Warner. Les was the inspiration for our Owl logo (though the original Owl, like Les, is now retired). The Owl represented Kev & Les as “the wise old owls” of the welding game.


Sour Grapes with a Silver Lining

Reported to the local council by our opposition (perhaps our new Owl was ruffling some feathers?!) for trading from our backyard Collins Tools relocated to a shed on Carbeen Street, Bulimba. It was then we dared to think that we were starting to get the business established.

Moving on up

After rapid growth we were bursting at the seams & again relocated in September 1991 (thankfully this time it was only around the corner!) to Taylor Street, Bulimba. By this time being known as “The Backyarders” was a distant memory.


A Place to Call Home

In April 2001 we.........relocated... what, again!? After 15 years in business, we purchased our very own store at Junction Road, Morningside, where we still operate from today. It was then we decided we would NEVER, EVER, relocate again!


Milestone of Success

In April 2011 we celebrated our 25th Business Anniversary & 10 years in our (never to be relocated again) store. It is safe to say that from our humble beginnings in 1986 with no money, customers or stock that we had come a long way!


Joining the Revolution

We launched our online presence giving our customers another way to shop with us 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year! Let’s face it, whilst our sales team are of star quality – they do need to sleep occasionally!


To Infinity & Beyond

In October 2013 our campaign for world domination continues... When the sales team starts walking around with their undies over their pants & randomly striking superman poses you will know we’ve made it!


World Domination

37 years in business & our quest for World Domination is complete, undies on the outside is our new work uniform & everywhere we go the masses bow at our feet shouting praise... Ok, maybe not that last part but everyone has to have a dream right?


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